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Vladi Blankets (24 Photos): Features Of Materials And Print Options, Reviews

Among the reviews about Vladi blankets, there are very few negative ones. Customers are satisfied with this product. She has a rather simple drawing, which at the same time gives off an English chic. They can be used successfully as a blanket during the day, at a picnic, or as a bedspread. Negative impressions concern the fact that some models are prickly and also harsh, but this can be easily solved by adding fabric softener when washing.

Vladi Blankets: Models With A Size Of 140×200 Cm Others, Reviews

Video: Vladi Blankets: Models With A Size Of 140×200 Cm Others, Reviews

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Plaids are increasingly entering our life. It is already hard to imagine a house that does not have this attribute of the textile industry. One of the manufacturers of these products is Vladi. Today we will talk about the blankets of this brand.

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About the brand

Vladi was founded in 1933 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Now it is a modern manufactory, which has certificates of conformity of its products to the international standard ISO 9001: 2000 and the normative documents of DSTU ISO 9001: 2000. From 2006 to 2011, the company carried out modernization. The latest equipment was installed, the staff was fully trained by Italian specialists. The company’s products have reached a new level. Vladi is currently the largest wool blanket factory in Europe.

What are they made of?

The Vladi trading queen produces blankets that are made of animal hair or synthetic materials. For natural products, high-quality material is used, which is sheared from New Zealand and Ukrainian sheep, as well as alpacas. Image Acrylic is used in the production of semi-synthetic and synthetic blankets. This is the highest quality material. Its threads are strong, dense, wear-resistant. In addition, this material does not cause allergic reactions. Even small children can be covered with a bedspread, which contains acrylic, without fear for their health. Image Image Image

Features of the

Vladi blankets have a number of positive aspects:

  • They keep warm well, under this product you can quickly warm up.
  • They perfectly absorb moisture, so it’s not hot under such a blanket.
  • A wide range of models. You will find both completely natural products and half-woolen or 100% acrylic blankets.
  • Natural products have medicinal properties, are able to relieve pain in sciatica and arthritis.
  • All products have a fairly long service life.
  • Bedspreads do not build up static electricity and do not electrify.

The disadvantages of Vladi blankets include the following:

  • Products containing natural wool can cause allergies. It is an excellent habitat for dust mites and other pathogens.
  • Caring for 100% woolen products is quite difficult.
  • With long-term storage in natural blankets, moths can start.
  • In addition, Vladi blankets absorb odors well. They are not recommended for use in kitchens and studio rooms.

Colors and style

Vladi blankets have a standard color – basically, it is a check, but in completely different colors. Here you can find models and pastel beige, pink, gray tones, but there are plaid products with deep tones. In addition to the cage, bedspreads under this brand can also be found with various geometric patterns. There are rhombuses, crow’s feet, stripes. There is also a Scandinavian-style plaid, which depicts deer and snowflakes.

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All bedspreads are made in the form of huge scarves with fringes on both sides. An exception is the series of bedspreads. There is no frill on them.

The size

Vladi blankets are made in several sizes:

  • For children of the first years of life the size of the bedspread is 100×140 cm. This product will be convenient to use in baby cots and strollers.
  • For older children and adults, who live alone, a blanket measuring 140×200 cm is ideal. In addition, it is convenient to take such a blanket with you to a picnic. Also, a blanket with such dimensions can be used to fill a one-and-a-half bed.

For a couple it is better to give preference to a product whose size is 200×220. They can not only cover a standard double bed, but also having sheltered them, it will be quite comfortable for the two to watch TV

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The cost

The cost of blankets of this brand varies depending on the production series:

  • Thus, one-and-a-half models of the elite line of products will cost about 3,000 rubles.
  • A copy from the classic collection will cost around 2,000 rubles for the same size.
  • Economy class models made of mixed yarns will be sold at a price of about 1,200 rubles.
  • The cheapest are acrylic bedspreads. One-and-a-half size of a blanket will cost about 750 rubles.

Popular models

Among the models of this textile product, produced under the Vladi brand, there is several blankets that are in special demand:

  • Labyrinth” … This model has no analogues on the market of similar products. It contains simplicity and severity. Ancient Greek ornaments make the plaid elegant. The model is applicable in any interior. And the pink color of the product will add romance to the atmosphere of the home.
  • Elf“. The cheerful colors of this model will add mood to gloomy autumn evenings. The Scottish cage will fit into any classic home interior.
  • Rogozhka” … The unusual weaving of the threads of this product makes it unique. Made from 100% natural New Zealand sheep wool, this blanket will keep you warm in the cold. The model has a wide palette of colors – from white to cornflower blue. The absence of a pattern allows it to become an attribute of any interior.

How to care?

Caring for Vladi blankets will differ from the composition of the products:

  • Acrylic items can be machine washed on a delicate cycle. As a detergent, you can use regular powder for colored fabrics. It should be squeezed out at low speeds. We recommend using fabric softener for the last rinse. This will make the canvas even softer.
  • Dry these blankets in a well-ventilated area, while avoiding direct sunlight. It is allowed to hang them vertically. Acrylic blankets should be ironed at the lowest temperature. You can use a steam generator. You can store such products folded, use of vacuum bags is allowed.

With natural wool blankets, everything is much more complicated:

It is better to wash by hand in cool water. As a detergent, it is better to use liquid powders specially formulated for woolen garments

After rinsing, you need to gently drive off the water with your hands. It is not recommended to twist the product, this can lead to its deformation.

It is necessary to dry the blanket on a horizontal surface, gently stretching it and giving it its original size. All wrinkles need to be straightened out. It is better to iron such a product with a steam generator or an iron, putting on a protective cover on the platform. In this case, the temperature of the devices must be kept to a minimum


Among the reviews about Vladi blankets, there are very few negative ones. Customers are satisfied with this product. She has a rather simple drawing, which at the same time gives off an English chic. They can be used successfully as a blanket during the day, at a picnic, or as a bedspread. Negative impressions concern the fact that some models are prickly and also harsh, but this can be easily solved by adding fabric softener when washing.

For an overview of the Vladi plaid, see the next video.

Vladi Blankets (24 Photos): Features Of Materials And Print Options, Reviews

Video: Vladi Blankets (24 Photos): Features Of Materials And Print Options, Reviews

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Vladi Blankets (24 Photos): Features Of Materials And Print Options, Reviews

In all the variety of offers on the textile market, one can single out a company that has rightfully won its niche among manufacturers of high-quality and warm “helpers” for the cool season. Since 2003 Vladi has been successfully producing products from high-quality wool of domestic animals: sheep and alpaca. The company’s products are in demand and popular far beyond the borders of the country of origin – Ukraine.


A large warm woolen shawl – this is what the word “plaid” means in his native English. Throughout its history, this useful thing has accompanied a person in different situations. She was both a warm cloak by a fireplace armchair in the damp stone walls of medieval houses, and a permanent companion of the traveling times of old England, and just a beautiful cover for armchairs and beds in bedrooms.

The products presented by Vladi, according to customer reviews, are capable of combining all the best qualities of this irreplaceable thing in cold weather. The range of products includes woolen and semi-woolen products with the addition of acrylic.

Image Image Image The range of Vladi blankets is presented in three collections:

  • Elite”, “Classic” – products made from 100% wool of high quality, light and warm. They differ in the density of the material and, accordingly, in the heating properties;
  • Economy” – semi-woolen models, consisting of woolen yarn and acrylic. The addition of synthetics significantly affects the price of the product, making the product more affordable. However, synthetic additives to natural wool dramatically increase the wear resistance of the product. Acrylic fibers are resistant to daily use and make the product easy to care for.

Materials (edit)

Whether it’s alpaca wool, New Zealand sheep, or the collection’s options with the addition of acrylic, any of the options can provide warmth and comfort on a frosty winter day or on a rainy autumn evening. Let’s take a closer look at each of the yarn materials:

  • Sheep’s wool. The most common option among woolen products, excellent warming and keeping warm. The healing properties of the wool structure help with sciatica, colds, insomnia. Sheep wool products have minimal “prickly”.
  • Alpaca. Alpaca is a domestic alpine animal, which is bred in the countries of South America, its wool resembles that of a sheep, but it is more durable and thinner. Alpaca wool material is resistant to dirt and moisture, does not wrinkle, retains its high qualities for a long time. The only drawback is the high price, but this is fully paid off by the operational properties of the product.
  • Acrylic. Artificial yarn made from synthetic fibers with a wool-like structure and is often used as a more economical substitute for natural wool. However, despite its chemical origin, acrylic has a number of advantages, such as color and shape stability, and antiallergenicity. Vladi blankets of the Economy collection made of combined yarn of natural wool and acrylic do not shrink, do not fade, and at the same time have a more favorable price.

Color solutions

A wide range of shades of Vladi products will allow you to choose a blanket for every taste. But these products are characterized by soft warm tones that create an atmosphere of comfort on a frosty day. They will be a worthy decoration for any living room or bedroom. The variety of designs ranges from ethnic ornaments to laconic geometric shapes.

For example, “Economy” models can be recognized by their characteristic large cage of different colors and combinations. This option is perfect for a rocking chair on the veranda or by the fireplace of a country house.

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Selection Tips

When buying a Vladi blanket, pay attention to the packaging and label of the product. The blanket should be neatly packed in a transparent plastic zippered suitcase with a strong carrying handle. Inside, along with the product itself, there must be a flyer with a description of the model and an indication of the composition of the product. The product must be packed so that the label is clearly visible, which also contains basic information about the composition and signs of the rules for caring for the blanket.

Such packaging bags protect the product from external influences until it reaches its owner. Subsequently, keeping a blanket in such a bag is not recommended, since air is required to store woolen items. A blanket in such a packing bag can be a great gift!

The choice of the size of the product depends primarily on the purpose of its use.

As a rule, warm blankets are purchased for practical use, and therefore the most suitable option would be a size of 140×200 cm. This is the most comfortable size of a blanket for one person. In such a blanket, if necessary, it is convenient to wrap it up, transfer it from room to room, or take it on a trip.

When choosing a blanket designed to function as a bedspread or an armchair, it is necessary to build on the size of the furniture. The parameters of the blanket should be at least 20 cm larger and wider than the surface to be covered. However, a blanket that is too wide, reaching to the floor, can give a sloppy look to the entire interior, so it is recommended that you carefully choose the size of the product.

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Tips for caring for wool blankets

In order for wool products to last a long time and not lose their original appearance, you should pay attention to caring for them. We offer several rules for the care of Vladi blankets made of natural wool.


  1. Store folded wool blankets, a cotton bag or plain pillowcase over open storage. The product needs air, so it is not recommended to store the blanket in its original packaging.
  2. Products made from natural wool should be protected from direct sunlight.
  3. If the blanket is rarely used, then periodically it is necessary to ventilate it, preventing it from caking and preventing the appearance of microscopic bacteria and bugs in the natural fiber.


  • It is recommended to wash blankets made of natural wool only by hand, at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or bleaches. Washing with gentle detergents will be preferable. As a last resort, you can use shampoo.
  • Dry cleaning of individual stains involves applying a product with lanolin to the contaminated area, followed by removing it with a soft sponge. Attention! Lanolin is not applied to the product in its pure form. It must first be diluted in a small amount of water and whipped into a strong foam.
  • It is highly not recommended to wring out wool products. The best spinning option would be to gently wrap the product in a cotton cloth or a terry towel, then gently wring it out without twisting it.
  • It is necessary to dry the woolen blanket on a horizontal surface in order to avoid deformation. Lay out the product on the fabric, straighten the irregularities. Do not forget to turn the blanket over to dry evenly on each side.