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Only during a Blood Moon:


The Dryad is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following criteria have been met:

  • There is an empty house.
  • The Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron or Lepus has been defeated.

In addition to selling items, the Dryad can also report the percentages of Corruption/Crimson and Hallow that exist in the current world.

On the Desktop version, Console version, and Mobile version, when enemies are nearby, the Dryad will periodically grant the Dryad’s Blessing buff to players and other town NPCs in the vicinity and displays a leaf barrier effect. The buff grants +8 defense to players and +6 / +10 / +14 defense to town NPCs, increased health regeneration, and gives the player (and town NPCs) a Thorns effect. Enemies within the leaf barrier and with clear sight to the Dryad will be inflicted with the Dryad’s Bane debuff, which will deal 4+ damage per second (plus various progression-based damage boosts, and all multiplied by 1× / 1.5× / 1.75× ); the minimum damage dealt by the Dryad’s Bane debuff is 4 / 6 / 7 per second.


  • 1 Items sold
  • 2 World status
  • 3 Joja Cola
  • 4 Living preferences
  • 5 Shimmered form
  • 6 Achievement
  • 7 Tips
  • 8 Names
    • 9.1 Interaction quotes
    • 9.2 Happiness quotes

    Items sold

    Note: All item prices can be decreased by equipping a Discount Card or Greedy Ring . On the Desktop version, Console version, and Mobile version, prices can also be higher or lower based on the NPC’s happiness level.

    World status

    The Dryad will report the current percentage of Corruption/Crimson/Hallow coverage in the world with the ” Status ” option. The Dryad makes the distinction between Corruption and Crimson if they are present in the same world, and will list their percentages separately, though they both contribute to the overall total evil tile percentage in her final report. [2]

    If the world has no Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow, the And Good Riddance! achievement will be granted upon choosing the option.

    Quote Condition [3] Effective world condition
    ” [Name of World] is completely pure. You have done an amazing job! “ Hallow, Corruption, and Crimson = 0 The world has no Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow.
    ” The world is in balance. “ Hallow × 0.8 < (Corruption + Crimson) < Hallow × 1.2 Corruption/Crimson and Hallow percentages are similar.
    ” We are living in a fairy tale. “ Hallow ≥ (Corruption + Crimson) Corruption/Crimson and Hallow percentages are not similar, and the world has more Hallow than Corruption/Crimson.
    ” Things are grim indeed. “ Hallow +20% < (Corruption + Crimson) Corruption/Crimson and Hallow percentages are not similar, and the world has far more Corruption/Crimson than Hallow.
    ” You are so close! “ (Corruption + Crimson) ≤ 5% Corruption/Crimson and Hallow percentages are not similar, and the world has more Corruption/Crimson than Hallow, and there is very little Corruption/Crimson in the world.
    ” You have a lot of work to do. “ (Corruption + Crimson) > 5% Corruption/Crimson and Hallow percentages are not similar, and the world has more Corruption/Crimson than Hallow, and there is more Corruption/Crimson in the world.

    Joja Cola

    The Dryad’s purify animation.

    When the player has a Joja Cola in their inventory, the Dryad will have special quotes hinting the player to hold the Joja Cola. When the player is holding a Joja Cola, the ” Status ” option will be replaced with ” Purify “. After choosing the option, the Joja Cola will be consumed and an animation of a Junimo jumping out of a star-shaped portal will appear, giving the player a Stardrop.

    Quote Appears when
    ” What’s that you have. Joja Cola? Please hold it out, show me! “ The player has a Joja Cola in their inventory, but is not holding it.
    ” This unnatural beverage you hold has a connection to another world. I can try to purify it if you like. “ The player is holding a Joja Cola.
    ” I’m sensing a pure spirit through the connection, it wants to thank you for disposing of the Joja Cola! “ The Joja Cola is “purified”.

    Living preferences

    • ​ Jungle
    • ​ Princess
    • ​ Witch Doctor
    • ​ Truffle
    • ​ Desert
    • ​ Angler
    • ​ Golfer

    For more information, see NPC happiness.

    Shimmered form

    Shimmered Dryad and her Map Icon.

    When submerged in Shimmer, the Dryad will transform into her Shimmered form. This has no impact on gameplay or dialogue and is only a visual change. She can be returned to her classic look by submerging her in Shimmer again.


    And Good Riddance! “ Completely purify all Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow from your world, until the Dryad is satisfied! ”

    Check the world status from the Dryad when there are no Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow tiles in the world.


    • Dryad’s Blessing circle begins roughly 20 blocks from the Dryad, expands to a roughly 40 block radius, and briefly expanding to a 60 block radius before ending.
    • For players creating housing for the Truffle, it would be beneficial to temporarily house the Dryad in or near a Glowing Mushroom biome where she will sell Mushroom Seeds.
      • It is not necessary to build a house, a Queen Statue can be used to teleport her to a Glowing Mushroom biome.
      • Another way on Old-gen console to bring the Dryad to a Glowing Mushroom biome is to use Boulders or Land Mines to kill the Dryad and invalidate all open housing except in the desired biome.
    • Players can obtain items from both evils without using a different world by buying Corrupt or Crimson Seeds (Available while in the Graveyard minibiome) and making an artificial biome.


    The Dryad may have any of the following names:

    • Alalia
    • Alura
    • Ariella
    • Caelia
    • Calista
    • Celestia
    • Chryseis
    • Elysia
    • Emerenta
    • Evvie
    • Faye
    • Felicitae
    • Isis
    • Lunette
    • Nata
    • Nissa
    • Rosalva
    • Shea
    • Tania
    • Tatiana
    • Xylia


    Interaction quotes

    • ” Be safe; Terraria needs you! “
    • ” The sands of time are flowing. And well, you are not aging very gracefully. “
    • ” What’s this about me having more ‘bark’ than bite? “
    • ” So two goblins walk into a bar, and one says to the other, ‘Want to get a Goblet of beer?! “
    • ” When I was in Etheria, I felt so disconnected from . It’s good to be back. “[sic]
    • ” The Corruption tried to take me over when I went to Etheria, but instead, I used its power against the Old One’s Army! “

    When Merchant is present:

    • ” Why does keep trying to sell me angel statues? Everyone knows that they don’t do anything. “

    When Arms Dealer is present:

    • ” I wish would stop flirting with me. Doesn’t he realize I’m 500 years old? “

    When Truffle is present:

    • ” I feel like is a bit misunderstood, he really is a fun guy. “

    Before Skeletron is defeated:

    • ” Have you seen the old man walking around the dungeon? He doesn’t look well at all. “

    In a Corrupt world:

    • ” You must cleanse the world of this corruption. “
    • ” Have you tried using purification powder on the ebonstone of the corruption? “

    In a Crimson world:

    • ” You must cleanse the world of this crimson. “
    • ” Have you tried using purification powder on the crimstone of the crimson? “

    Only during a Blood Moon:

    • ” I sell what I want! If you don’t like it, too bad. “
    • ” Dude, is it just me or is there like a million zombies out tonight? “
    • ” I don’t want you to buy my stuff. I want you to want to buy my stuff, ok? “
    • ” Why do you have to be so confrontational during a time like this? “

    When asking for the status:

    (She will say Crimson or Corruption depending on which one there is, however, if both are present through an artificial biome, she will list both Crimson and Corruption percentages. She will add in the Hallow’s percentage in Hardmode.)

    Once the world is completely pure:

    • ” is completely pure. You have done an amazing job! “
    • ” I thought I would throw a party to celebrate our victories in the past and those yet to come. “
    • ” The wind. it is nature’s way of sweeping the dust from the land. “
    • ” Nature’s fury strips the leaves from the trees this day. “
    • ” The water from the sky is a way for nature to wash away the mud in our streams. “[sic]
    • ” When it rains, many kinds of fish acquire mystical properties. “
    • ” Our mother is angry, and wishes to burn away the filth by raining destructive power on our treetops. “
    • ” It is unwise to traverse openly beneath the flashing dangers from above. “
    • ” I can handle the corruption, but the vile air of death in this location wilts the flower in my hair. “
    • ” This place. I can hear the cry of nature at those who’ve fallen here. “

    Happiness quotes

    • ” All of nature may be my home, but a house would treat me well. “

    When far from home:

    • ” A flower doesn’t grow very well so far away from its roots! “

    When in a sparse area:

    • ” Solitude is sometimes good – there’s room to grow and to breathe. “

    When overcrowded:

    • ” Is this area becoming rather dense, or is it just me? I dislike the feeling. “
    • ” So many others crammed into one spot? The grass is doomed, I hate it! “

    When in the Jungle:

    • ” I kissed a tree in the Jungle and I liked it. “

    When in the Desert:

    • ” I rather dislike how the Desert is so devoid of life. “

    When in an Evil Biome or the Dungeon:

    • ” I am severely offended by my surroundings – the Corruption/Crimson/Dungeon is my mortal enemy! “

    When near the Princess:

    • ” brings order and peace to everyone who lives in this world. “
    • ” I like that resonates with every fiber of my being! “

    When near the Truffle:

    • ” I like that resonates with every fiber of my being!

    When near the Angler:

    • ” I don’t like that has no respect for other beings. “

    When near the Golfer:

    • ” I hate ‘s destructive habits towards nature! “

    When neutral:

    • ” All is peaceful, don’t mess it up. “



    • Desktop : Now sells Corrupt and Crimson Grass Walls, Flower Seeds, and Potted Trees. Also sells Crimson Seeds in Corruption worlds as well as Corrupt Seeds in Crimson worlds while in a Graveyard biome.
    • Desktop : Now sells Vicious Powder during a Blood Moon on Crimson worlds.
    • Desktop : Now properly increases the defense of other NPCs instead of decreasing it.
    • Desktop :
      • Added Planter Boxes.
      • Added Dryad’s Blessing buff.
      • Sprite updated.
      • Desktop 1.2.3 : Now sells Crimson Seeds during Blood Moon if in a Crimson world.
        • Now has Crimson specific dialogue for worlds with Crimson in them.
        • Can now arrive following the defeat of the Brain of Cthulhu.
        • Improved Dryad’s world status dialog.
        • Fixed bug where Brain of Cthulhu wouldn’t make dryad spawn or stop talking about the chasms.
        • Fixed bug where Dryad would mention the Corruption in Purification Powder suggestion while in Crimson world.
        • Desktop 1.2.1 : Now sells Pumpkin seeds along with her own clothes.
        • Desktop 1.2 : Now sells Grass Walls and Flower Walls. Also sells Mushroom Grass Seeds when in a Glowing Mushroom biome.
        • Desktop 1.1.1 : Now Corruption and Hallow status numbers are correct.
        • Desktop 1.1 :
        • Now has random name given to her on spawn. Her deaths will be reported with this name. Also other NPCs will use it in their quotes.
        • The Dryad will now tell you the percentage of Corruption vs. Hallow in the game world.
        • Desktop 1.0.5 : Vile Powder and Corrupt Seeds were added to inventory. Choice of goods became time of the day and event dependent.
        • Desktop 1.0.3 : Like all other NPCs, can now die from enemies.
        • Desktop-Release : Introduced.
        • Console-Release : Introduced.
        • Switch 1.0.711.6 : Introduced.
        • Mobile-Release : Introduced.
        • 3DS-Release : Introduced.


        1. ↑ Information taken from the Desktop1.4.0.5 source code, method AI_007_TownEntities() in Terraria.NPC.cs . There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version is
        2. ↑ Information taken from the Desktop1.4.4.5 source code, method GetDryadWorldStatusDialog() in Terraria.Lang.cs . There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version is
        3. ↑ Directly use the percentages for calculations
        4. ↑Terraria’s 10th Anniversary: We are Re-Logic, Ask Us Anything! May 17, 2021
        5. ↑ Redigit’s message in #journeys-end-chat on the official Terraria Discord server (link to message)

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        Kanji / Kana

        樹妖精 ( ドライアド )


        kiyōsei ( doraiado )




        Disaster Rank

        Hazard ~ Calamity


        Web Novel

        Chapter 42: The Great Jura Forest Coalition

        Light Novel


        Chapter 17: Gobta vs. Gabiru


        Episode 11: Gabiru is Here!

        Dryads ( 樹妖精 ( ドライアド ) , doraiado, lit. “Tree Fairy” ? ) , are a form of tree spirits descended from the fairy races, as close to a form of spiritual life as one is likely to ever witness. They served as the guardian spirits of the Treants. Among the monsters, they rank at the top of A rank. They are immortal, and rarely leave their sacred dwellings.

        Dryads tend to shape themselves in female form while the Treants shape themselves like males. They were heralded by some as the wardens of the whole Jura Forest, the one who exact divine punishment upon those who damaged the forest. Being the servants of the Elemental Queen, they have close affinity with Elementals and were able to summon their powers in battle, making them formidable opponents.

        During the Monster Capital Opening Festival arc, the Dryads and Treants reunited with their master Lamrys and moved into the 95th floor of The Dungeon alongside the Elves. After that, they became the primary manager and workers of the labyrinth, and helped their master to continue in her research.

        Known Dryads

        No Profile.png

        No Profile.png

        No Profile.png

        No Profile.png

        No Profile.png

        Treyni Profile.png

        Trya Profile.png

        • † = deceased
        • ‡ = former
        • ? = unknown
        • $ = spinoff
        • ≠ = noncanon
        • @ = animeonly